A downloadable game for Windows

Bumpin’ Bunnies is a 2 to 4 player couch co-op racing game, where you must dash to collect food before your fluffy opponents can.  Barriers will come sweeping across the screen that will knock your bunny down to their doom (briefly before respawning), unless you can manage to snatch up the food that matches the image on its corresponding doorway. Every time you correctly get through a doorway, you score a point- rounds are played first to 5 points. There will only be a limited amount of food cropping up so it will be a frantic scramble to get to it first, which you can do by dashing to it by pressing the left or right bumper.

To ensure more people can play the game with less controllers available, we have mapped 2 players per Xbox controller! One player is the Left Joystick w/ left bumper dash, and the next player is right joystick is right joystick with right bumper to dash. (Same goes for the next controller for players 3 and 4).

To begin, move Left or Right to select your bunny characters (make sure you know which bunny you are!), and when every player has a bunny selected, press any bumper to start the round!

Hop to it!

"Dream Team" is: Leora, Michael, Rene, Natalia, and Brian.



P1 - Left joystick to move, Left Bumper to Dash

P2 - Right Joystick to move, Right Bumper to Dash

P3 - (Second controller) Left joystick to move, Left bumper to Dash

P4 - (Second controller) Right joystick to move, Right bumper to Dash


BumpinBunnies.zip 25 MB