A downloadable game for Windows

prOto is the journey through evolution from the first cell in existence, billions of years ago. Guide your cell through the darkness- searching, developing, living.

prOto is a touch-screen game that was made for:
"ROM Game Jam 2016 -the Dawn of Life"

prOto was made by Aspiring Fires Inc.
Brian Gogarty
Leonard Quintal
Tiago Rabello
Don Carlo Alvir

Update: Proto Version 4.0 - Dec 12, 2016
Playable in both English and French
**WHEN USING A MOUSE: Right-click to toggle the cursor visibility on/off**

Install instructions

Optimal settings for playing, when launching:
Resolution: 1920x1080
Quality setting: Fantastic

When using a mouse: Right-click to toggle the cursor visibility on/off


prOto 28 MB


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please make a google chrome version,

it would be a great improvement because it would make the game easier to gain access to especially for people ( like myself ) who can't figure out how to get to the actual game. it really would be helpful for the game to have a google chrome version.